Do you want to know what are the best raw materials and who is the best ceramic raw materials provider in Bhavnagar? Well, you’re in the right place. This blog post will explain about the important ceramic raw materials and how you could get that if you’re a tiles manufacturing company. This blog post also helps you understand how these raw materials work together to empower the manufacturing process of tile making to achieve the results you want in your work.

Today, tile manufacturers are favored to live in an age of super abundance of ceramic raw materials. Numerous ceramic raw materials offer a bewildering array of choices that comes in multiple powders conveniently packaged in uniform bags. We have a pure and refined state of ceramic raw material extracted from the natural ores of raw materials. Understanding the different raw materials will assist in making the best tiles structure and glazes. In this post, you’ll learn about types of ceramic raw materials available to purchase at rkenterprize

The Best Raw Materials

Ever wonder why some raw materials are wonderful when it comes to creating tile glaze? You will get that particular answer here. Whether you would like to formulate your own tiles manufacturing process, you will get needed information to get you well on your way of purchasing ceramic raw materials. So jump in today and start relishing the information about ceramic raw materials.

Saurashtra Group has multiple ceramic raw materials and these raw materials have multiple uses, they are distributed on their properties. Among the uses of ceramic raw materials, it is just a right to be combined with the best ceramic raw material provider, to certify that whatever we use it for will be made with supreme quality and durability. Saurashtra Group supplies the reliable ceramic raw materials that are used in the tile manufacturing process and in construction and we ensure that the places people live in are safe, secure and sustainable.

Every ceramic raw material has different uses in the manufacturing process of ceramic tiles, to expand your knowledge about ceramic tiles matter and therefore it helps you select the best raw material providers you will work with to come up with high quality ceramic tiles that your customers will use. Ceramic raw materials are generally of two kinds plastic and non-plastic. Plastic raw materials includes clay, kaolin and bentonite while non plastic raw materials includes feldspar, quartz, talc, calcium phosphate and limestone.

The Best Raw Materials For Ceramic Available at rkenterprize Morbi

Calcined China clay and China Clay – China clay and calcined china clay as a binder, an inexpensive source of alumina and silica and suspension aid. China clay and calcined clay gives a light coloring in firing. It also contributes to binding and plasticity characteristics of the mass. China clay improved mechanical characteristics of the ceramic tiles. It produces a good rheological flow and with a good density level. It also eases the shape and fine texture which makes it easier to use. This raw material is generally used in porcelain tile making. 

Feldspar and Quartz – Feldspar is one of the important ceramic raw materials used to fuse the material for ceramic bodies. It provides a glossy finish on the surface of the tiles and it also makes the tile vitrified and adds high mechanical resistance on it. It is one of the second most vital raw materials after china clay. Feldspar soften, moisten and melt other constituents during the tile manufacturing process while improving the strength, toughness and durability of the tiles.

Golcha Talc – Golcha talc is generally used in small amounts in vitrified tiles. It strengthens the fluxing action and is formed with the contact of water. It improves the whiteness level of the tiles. This raw material adds extra glaze and brightness to the tiles and has good hiding properties that makes the tiles water resistant and stain resistance. It also gives a good texture of color to the tile paint.

Boric Acid – Boric Acid adds extra glaze and gloss to the ceramic tiles. It enhances the attractive and glossy texture of the tiles making them long lasting when applied on the surface of the tiles. 

Sodium Tripolyphosphate (STPP) – Sodium tripolyphosphate is one of the main ingredients in the ceramic tile industry and it is utilized for the bleaching purpose in ceramic tile.

Sodium Lignosulphonate(SLS) – Sodium Lignosulphonate reduces the amount of plastic clay and mud, it also improves the mobility of the ceramic tiles.

Zirconium – Zirconium improves the resistance properties of the glazed surface of the tiles.

Zinc Oxide – Zinc Oxide is mainly used to enhance the glaze of the tiles. It is also used as flux, opacifier and color modifier. It improves the gloss, tile resistance and brightness of the tiles. It has a great influence on the tile’s finish.

The Best Raw Material

Boron Product – Boron product provides high glaze and luster to the ceramic and porcelain tiles during the tiles manufacturing process. It makes tiles look more attractive and makes the tile surface hard.

Alumina – Alumina generally grants the hardness and durability to the ceramic tiles. It enhances the strength and resistance of the ceramic tiles.

Bentonite – In the green or dry form, bentonite binds particles together in ceramic bodies, making them stronger. Its microscopic particles fill in gaps between other particles, resulting in a denser mass with more points of contact. In addition, adding bentonite to glazes improves dry strength and makes a harder, more resistant surface.

There are still lots of raw materials that are used in different ceramic tiles manufacturing processes, but these above-mentioned raw materials are mostly used and are easily available at Saurashtra Group. Well it is important to choose the best ceramic raw material provider carefully, for the durability of the product depends on them including the safety of the customers. Saurashtra Group is one the leading ceramic raw material provider company in Bhavnagar and they aim to provide the highest quality of ceramic raw material that you can use in the tile manufacturing process.

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